Hand held frequency generators

Hand held frequency generators

Handheld Frequency Generator at Health Products 2

There are a lot of reasons why people tend to look for different types of curing and treatment methods for various types of diseases and sicknesses. Organic methods, natural ways, and alternative medicine are one of the most delved arenas when it comes to healing methods. Health Products 2 offers various ways that one can resort to in this area.

What does a frequency generator do?

A frequency generator or a function generator is an electronic device with software integrated into it, used to produce a certain type of electrical waveforms to a various range of frequencies. This equipment allows one to generate the waveforms in accordance with what is needed in particular such as sine wave, a triangular wave, sawtooth or square waves.

Handheld Frequency generators are used to develop, repair and test different types of electronic equipment. It can be used as a signal source for testing amplifiers or to integrate new signals to an existing loop. Typically, this equipment is used for analog circuits, digital circuits, and pulse generators.

What is the difference between a signal generator and a function generator?

Mainly, the two differ on the structure or build of the equipment itself. A function generator is one that has a vast frequency range that can produce multiple types of waves through as it generates a signal. It is also usually used for production testing, laboratory equipment maintenance and research on science and technology.

Signal generators, on the other hand, is a type of tool that can produce all types of frequency and form of waves. It is often referred to as an oscillator or a signal source. Commonly, this equipment is used for manufacturing company production processes and other things that relate to the latter.

What is the application of a function generator?

Being an instrument known to produce resounding waves in a repetitive and specific manner and form, the application of a function generator goes beyond its ability to repetitively produce radio frequency waves. The said waves being produced by the equipment are said to be the following:

  • Sine wave – usually one that oscillates between two sinusoidal waves.
  • Square wave – a type of wave that moves directly in high and low frequencies thus, creating the square like wave shape.
  • Pulse – is mostly similar to a square wave the difference being the space ratio of the very frequency.
  • Triangular wave – a signal wave by a function generator in linear movements from high and low points.
  • Sawtooth wave – very similar to the triangular wave, the only difference being the rate at which the waves move that determines the form of the waves.

Where can I get a Handheld frequency generator?

Health Products 2 offers frequency generators in various sorts of forms for a different customer or patient uses. The goal has always been to provide scientifically proven ways and alternatives to eliminate and dispose of organisms and viruses that cause diseases and illnesses to people through the use of gadgets and other medical equipment.  Our hotline, 206-708-6408 is open for further questions you may have about our products.

Hand held frequency generators
Hand held frequency generators
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