CBD Vape Pen Oil

MedLabs is the industry leader in all-natural CBD vape pen oil. All of our CBD oils are hemp-derived and full-spectrum, meaning that MedLabs oil includes a wide range of beneficial cannabinoids, including essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, terpenes, and other compounds exclusive to the marijuana plant. This is not to be confused with isolate CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil is more useful for medicinal treatment.
If you own a refillable CBD vape pen, then our CBD vape pen oils are perfect for you.

What Can MedLabs Full-Spectrum Oil Treat?

Our all-natural CBD oils have significant health benefits to people with varying physical and psychological health problems. Since our CBD oils are hemp-derived, you can use them safely and don't have to worry about feeling stoned or not being able to pass a drug screen. Since there is no THC (the psychoactive substance in marijuana) in our CBD oils, you can enjoy the healthful benefits of the marijuana plant without being intoxicated.

How Healthy is CBD?

Many people are calling CBD a miracle drug because of its wide range of medicinal uses. Indeed, the therapeutic value of CBD has been nothing short of miraculous in the lives of countless people who suffer from medical conditions like epilepsy, Tourette Syndrom, Parkinson's, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders, and depression, and who couldn't find relief from any other source. The exciting part about CBD's medicinal applications is that we are just beginning to learn what can be achieved with CBD. It seems as though the potential is limitless.

A Non-Toxic Medication Alternative? 

Many people are drawn to CBD because it is a safe, non-toxic alternative to prescription medication. Of course, MedLabs does not claim that CBD oil can replace your prescription medication. Quitting medication is something you have to take up with your physician. However, if you have not yet been diagnosed or prescribed medication, but you are aware of a problem, CBD oil might be an option for you. We do not advise self-prescribing, but we do know what's been proven about CBD, and in a lot of instances, it can and does serve as a healthy alternative to prescription drugs which are usually highly toxic and addictive.

Why You Need All-Natural CBD Oil from MedLabs

Unfortunately, a lot of CBD oil gets cut with propylene glycol (PG) to assist in the vaporizing process. When heated, PG is very toxic to the human body. As a healthier alternative, many CBD vape pen oil manufactures cut their oil with vegetable glycerin (VG) instead. The healthfulness and safety of VG are still questionable, so MedLabs uses neither PG or VG in our CBD oil. The irony is that people who are turning to CBD oil for health and holistic reasons are getting poisoned by the very CBD products they consume. When you purchase you full-spectrum CBD vape pen oil from MedLabs, not only do you not have to worry about PG or other additives in the oil, but all of our hemp is grown without fertilizer or pesticides as well.