Best Cbd For Dogs

Best Cbd For Dogs

LBC BioScience Inc. is one of the top organic CBD brands in the United States. We are currently looking to satisfy the cravings of CBD lovers in the United States by providing innovative CBD products for people and their pets.

So, if you are looking for a great way to get your dog to consume CBD, you might want to try our CBD products. Perhaps you're worried about your dog getting high on cannabis; you'll be glad to know that our hemp products contain 0% THC- the psychoactive component of cannabis. Thus, you can rest assured your dog will enjoy the feel-good factor and medical benefits that come with consuming cannabidiol without dealing with the side effects on the brain.  

We pride ourselves on being producing some of the best organic CBD for canines. These products have a 30-day guarantee, are certified kosher, have a verified potency, and are all made in the USA. Here are some of our best CBD dog treats:

Steak Bites Dog Treats

At $24.99, this 100 % organic premium dog treat is a steal. It comes with a tasty steak flavor that makes it a great way to get your dog to consume some of the best CBD oil for dogs. The pack contains 30 crunchy treats, and you should serve your dog 1-3 treats every 12 hours. Our Steak Bites Dog Treats are a nutritious blend of premium CBD isolate, ground wheat, corn starch, water, wheat flour, ground yellow corn, corn syrup, glycerin, beef, animal fat (preserved with BHA), gelatin, rice flour, soy flour, salt, natural flavor, Red 40, some artificial color( titanium dioxide), phosphoric acid, dried whey and potassium sorbate which preserves the freshness of the treat.

Soft Chews Dog Treats

Here is another 100% organic dog treat for your dog. The pack, which goes for $35.99, contains 60 delicious treats, a couple (1-3) which you should serve your dog every 12 hours. 

The CBD Soft Chews treat is one of the best CBD products for dogs out there. It is great for dogs that might have dental or digestive issues. They contain nutritional dietary fibers like potato and chickpea while offering our trademark "soft chew" courtesy of the brewer's yeast and tapioca starch contents.

Our Soft Chews are 100% THC-free and have completed laboratory testing for quality, consistency, and label accuracy, making them the perfect CBD delivery system for dogs. Only the highest quality CBD isolates are used to make our tasty and easily absorbed soft chews treats. 

We added some beef liver powder to give the dog treat a homemade taste. Some other ingredients that you can find in our Soft Chews dog treats are cane molasses, purified water, sunflower lecithin, cheese powder, glycerin, safflower oil, Galactic Preserv 06 (Lactic Acid natural preservative), Mixed Tocopherols, sorbic acid, Ascorbic acid, hemp oil extract.

Are you thinking about giving your dogs the best CBD products for their health and enjoyment? You need not look beyond our exclusive treats at LBC Bioscience. Visit our website to shop our products or call 480-410-6780

Best Cbd For Dogs