Womens Boxing Vancouver

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Womens Boxing Vancouver

Griffins Boxing is living proof that boxing is for everyone. As a woman, there’s no better way of ensuring your safety than learning a martial art, and boxing is ideal. Compared to other types of martial arts that require months of grinding just to get the basics, boxing is rather simple. You only need the core principles to boost your physical capabilities significantly.

If you’re looking to join women’s boxing in Vancouver, we invite you to our gym! We have daily instructional classes for everyone, men, women, and children. As a martial art with serios history behind it, professional boxing is an intricate combat system where talent and hard work are the main components. But you can defend yourself just fine even if you're not a professional.

As a woman, you are naturally physically weaker than a man, which will make you an easy target for a male attacker. You can change that. The benefits you’ll get from our courses include:

Improving physical capabilities

Boxing is physically demanding. There’s no way around it. You will work hard, sweat, and fight to overcome your limitations with each training session. It’s all about becoming better, faster, and stronger with each course you go through.

Aside from improving stamina and energy levels, you will also gain more strength and improved athleticism. But what’s more important is learning the mechanics of attack, defense, and body movement. That’s because, in boxing, strength and agility will only take you so far; it’s the technique that will make you a fearsome adversary. Our classes of women’s boxing in Vancouver will transform your body fast with long-term benefits.

Learning active self-defense

In boxing, everything is about efficiency. Our expert trainers will teach you about energy management, striking techniques, and adaptive defense and combat strategies. Being able to defend yourself in perilous situations is invaluable. In many cases, it might be more useful than having a gun, just because the attacker doesn’t expect a female to fight back and knock him out.

Although it may seem simple in appearance, boxing is an intricate and ever-evolving art. It takes years to get to more advanced levels; but it all begins with one punch. One month of training alone will propel you way above the average Joe in terms of technique and combat awareness.

Mental and emotional strengthening

Women don’t usually have a warrior mentality, unlike most men. But no matter your gender, dangerous situations will always induce stress, fear, and nervousness. At our gym, you will slowly learn how to control these emotions and gradually build mental strength as you progress. The more you will succeed in managing your emotional functioning, the more lucid and aware you will be in stressful situations, which require a cold, calculated approach.

Join our women’s boxing in Vancouver, and your life will change fast! Here, you will not only get fitter, but stronger, more energetic, and more physically and mentally capable. Our Griffins Boxing community is ready for you! Are you ready?

Womens Boxing Vancouver
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